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About AgfaPhoto Batteries

AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH, with head offices in Leverkusen/Germany, is a consumer-imaging company with international operations. The company is a pioneer of modern photography. AgfaPhoto gives pictures a sharper overall intensity and is the ideal medium for sharing lasting memories with friends and family.

We are proud to be the exclusive Western European licence holder for the AgfaPhoto energy range - offering a solution for those power hungry devices in todays demanding technology led world.

Not only do we supply a huge selection of standard batteries and packages, we can also supply tailor-made packages for businesses who require a bespoke battery solution. We can supply any pack sizes, quantities and as many configurations as you can think of, making us the perfect solution for your business. Get in touch with our highly experienced consultants for further information.

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NEW Exclusive Digital Range

We are proud to reveal a brand new range of AgfaPhoto GoPad Tablets, USB’s and Memory Cards - Now available to order. Take a look through this brand new digital range.

Our Range


The Rechargeable collection boasts the newest battery technology whilst combining advantages for both the price-conscious and eco-minded.

Alkaline Batteries

Our Alkaline batteries offer long-lasting dependable power to thirsty everyday devices, giving you trusted quality and great value.

Lithium Batteries

These small but powerful AgfaPhoto Lithium, Photo and Coin batteries supply long lasting power and the latest Lithium technology.

Zinc Batteries

The heavy duty, premium Zinc-Chloride technology is perfect for those everyday low-drain devices such as clocks, torches and calculators.

Speciality Batteries

Our range consists of the most popular specialist batteries, suitable for many devices and offering reliable power and quality when you need it most.

Bulk Alkaline & Zinc

Ideal for OEM and End Users, our range of Bulk packed batteries are available in both Zinc & Alkaline.
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